plugin.tx_dynalist_pi1.99060.source.max_records = 2
la regola verra’ applicata al plugin con id 99060 = 2
la regola verra’ applicata ai plugin nella pagina con id 130234

Per applcare ile variazioni a tutti i plugin la sintassi e’ la seguente:
plugin.tx_dynalist_pi1.all.max_records = 2

dynalist_mode Mode Number  
dynalist_shortcut DynaList shortcut source Number  
backpid Select the back PID location Number  
fulllist Full list location Number  
special_settings Special settings String  
table_mode Table mode Number  
table_width Table width Number  
table_cellpadding Cellpadding Number  
table_cellspacing Cellspacing Number  
show_header Show header Number  
alternate_row_color Alternate row color Palette  
dynefef_location Dyna FEF location Number  
xmlsetting Enter the XML setting Text  
start_record Start from record Number  
max_records Max number of records Number  
sql_select Select Text  
sql_from From Text  
sql_leftjoin Left join Text  
sql_where Where Text  
sql_groupby Group by Text  
sql_orderby Order by Text  
records_page Select page records Number  
xml_records_setting Enter the XML extra setting Text  
pag_disable Disable pagination Number  
pag_rec_for_page Number of recs for page Number  
pag_mid_range Number of mid range Number  
pag_hide_one_page Hide if there is only one page Number  
pag_display_items_per_page Display items per page Number  
pag_display_jump_menu Display jump menu Number  
pag_display_all Display button 'All' Number  
pag_position Position Number  
detail_parameters Enter the parameters (eg: dyna_fef[detail]={uid} String  
detail_1 Select location detail 1 Number  
detail_2 Select location detail 2 Number  
detail_3 Select location detail 3 Number  
edit_usergroup Select group/s allowed to edit Number  
edit_author_field Author field for edit (eg: U:cruser_id,G:usergroup) Number  
edit_parameters Enter the parameters (eg: dyna_fef[detail]={uid}) String  
edit_eval EVAL Condition to edit String  
edit_1 Select edit location 1 Number  
edit_2 Select edit location 2 Number  
edit_3 Select edit location 3 Number  
lang_field_parent Field name for parent String  
lang_list Select languages String  
lang_use_default View in the default language if a translation doesn't exist Number  
template_disable Disable template Number  
template_top HTML Template top Text  
template HTML Template body (loop) Text  
template_bottom HTML Template bottom Text  
template_file File (eg: fileadmin/template.tmpl) String  
wkf_disable Disable workflow Number  
wkf_statusfield Field containing the status String  
wkf_configuration XML configuration Text  
Search ..... N/A    
cal_width Width Number  
cal_field_title Field name for title String  
cal_field_from Field name for date from String  
cal_field_to Field name for date to String  
cal_editable Editable Number  
cal_classname Class name (eg: text_test_{field1}) String  
cal_actions_left Actions left Number  
cal_actions_center Actions center Number  
cal_actions_right Actions right Number  
cal_timeformat Time format ('h(:mm)t' uppercase H for 24-hour clock) String  
cal_ical_active Activate ICAL Number  
cal_ical_schema ICAL Schema Text  
debug_enable Enable debug Number  
debug_gpvars Get, Post, Request, Session (Vars) Number  
debug_flexform Flexform Number  
debug_sql SQL String Number  
debug_field_setting Fields setting Number  
debug_records Records Number  
debug_terminate Terminate procedure Number  
note Enter the note or comment Text